Perception and The Bigger Picture

There are two perceptions of reality: a literal perception, and a spiritual perception. When you have a literal perception of reality you are not viewing the big picture. You haven’t gathered all the necessary information and are making choices and decisions with a limited knowledge or opinion. You are basing your decisions and opinions on only half of the big picture without seeing it in its entirety.

If I told you that I have been in my garden today and planted some bulbs, what image and perception would you form with that information? How would you relate that information to someone else? Pause for a moment and then click here to to see The Bigger Picture


Many have grown up looking at life from the available information, which can be a narrow, shallow and limited viewpoint. This shallow perception of reality and lack of knowledge can cause us to think and believe in a way that impacts our choices, decisions, and even conversation content. It can also have a detrimental effect on our life to be truly happy, healthy and fulfilling. In other words it’s causing us not to reach our God-given potential in each and every area of our life.

  • It can cause health to be less than at it’s best.
  • It can rob peace and happiness, also a restricted fulfilment.
  • It can cause you to be unhappy in a job or career.
  • It can impact your free time because of your preoccupied thinking.
  • It can effect relationships causing them to not function at their best.
  • It can interfere with parenting skills.

When we look at life from a literal perception we don’t realise that we are partially blind. We think that life/circumstances/situations is the reality and only option, not understanding that there can be more available if we learn to recognise there can be a bigger picture, the detail we are not fully aware of. It may be that we need to accommodate that fact in our evaluation and exercise grace, or maybe need to enquire for more detail. When we have the Holy Spirit, we are able to be led by Him and move by His direction and not what we see or perceive in the natural. Message 1 Corinthians 2:16 “Is there anyone around who knows God’s Spirit, anyone who knows what he is doing?” has been answered: Christ knows, and we have Christ’s Spirit. So, we have a relationship and if we listen we can be led by The Holy Spirit”

When we free our mind from all the assumption, opinions and erroneous thoughts and beliefs that have been programmed into us, by being conceived, preconceived and are holding us down, we can move to a level that can give a clearer and different view of reality.

Our elevated view of the bigger picture gives us a better understanding of life. Our reality of life is no longer solely based on what we literally see and hear. We realise spiritual things that weren’t apparent. We come to see and understand that behind the scenes God is in control and there is more to life than meets the literal eye and ear.

If we live our life from the inside out and have a correct understanding and not natural perception and reasoning, we therefore have the ability to see the bigger picture, and are able to view things as He sees, and make the right decisions and comments in our conversation.

To operate in this way can revolutionise our lives and impact how we respond to situations and in our decisions.


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