What is going on?

It is disturbing when recently, and ongoing that we have been made aware of Harvey Weinstein events, and Tom Jones revelation and expressed opinion; that in life in many areas Leaders/Managers/Superiors etc endeavour to control and bully to get their own way, whatever areas of life that may be in.

Throughout my life I have experienced attempts to control and influence me coercively, but mostly by emotional, and a form of black mail. If you don’t do it this is what will happen to you. There are those who are in fear yet unaware the state they are in, yet are subconsciously influenced at what has occurred to others who they see didn’t adhere to an instruction they had been given. Often the Leaders/Managers/Superiors or even strong personalities are misguided, and operate from a platform of their own insecurity or other root issue making them conduct themselves in this way, and even in some instances a cultish tendency. There are instances in some occurances they are oblivious to the wrong they are doing and are of the opinion their route of action is correct, so done from a right motive but misguided. I have noted that there can be an abuse of power, or an inability and lack of knowledge in management technique in how to communicate effectively for the benefit of all concerned.

Who is in control?

So what’s the answer; we are to understand that in secular employment we are there to do as directed within our contract and anything additional we are happy to serve in, but prepared to take a stand against any directive to commit an illegal act. In a church situation those who are in leadership of whatever title that may be they are there to support and lead not dictate, so don’t permit them to control your life, particularly by unpleasant consequential actions if you don’t comply. Listen and let your heart and spirit communicate with God for His leading and confirmation or otherwise. We are ultimately answerable to God and not man. Speak with someone you have trust in and know they will speak the truth in love, and support you.

When judged on judgement day you will be held answerable for you, and will not be able to blame someone else for the actions you took. Yes God will judge them whoever and whatever that situation may have been, but you are responsible for you. If you are man dependant and not God dependant evaluate your position and take action to make the adjustments. There are some instances in life we do not need a word from God; if it doesn’t align with His word you may need to make a decision concerning your way forward. This comment is relevant to all walks in life, but in a church situation this scripture is applicable to evaluate if leadership is conducting themselves scripturaly. 1 Peter 5:3 not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock.

Many years ago I had to make major adjustments in life to how I handled these kind of situations. In a work situation I was so under pressure to comply with wrong doing, that I ended up on tranquillisers and the verge of a nervous breakdown.  (An interesting story, that those kind of events would not be permitted now). At that time I learnt that I was not to allow people to control me and dictate that which I was clearly unhappy with, and can be that we need to allow our own conscience to dictate. This approach I took into my church life too. This is not rebellion, but how God wants and intends us to conduct our lives. We communicate with Him and allow others to support and guide but not dictate. We are individuals and not clones. Listen to Him, Obey Him, and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. This is applicable in all areas of our lives.

Please understand this is not a rant, or have a go at anyone who has crossed my path in life, but I trust perhaps a wake-up call to someone to evaluate their life, and maybe make the necessary adjustments that He wants.

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  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Great words of wisdom Ian. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

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