Walk the walk before you talk the talk

“Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

You are God’s representative in this earth. When you follow the Word of God and allow Him to work in your life, you are letting your light shine. When you are good to people and show them kindness, even when they don’t deserve it, you are shining your light. When you smile and keep a good attitude, even when things don’t go your way, you are setting an example so that people will glorify God in heaven. Your life style and demeanour is watched and observed by those around you.

Notice this scripture says, “they will see your good works…” People aren’’t impressed by our knowledge or what we say, people are drawn to God by our good works, our life style. Ask the Lwalk-the-talkord to show you ways to share His goodness with others. Look for opportunities to let your light shine everywhere you go – at home, at work, in the supermarket, at the gym. There’s always an opportunity to be an example of God’s goodness. As you do, it will bring honour and glory to God; and when you honour Him, He always honours you. He will continue to pour out His abundant blessing in every area of your life.

I was having work done on my home and the workman asked if I minded him having a radio on whilst he was working. We talked about different kinds of music and he proceeded to tell me about a workmate he was working with. He said he was a born again Christian and had Christian music on and he didn’t enjoy it so asked him to turn it off. His work colleague then launched into preaching at him. The workman told me his described Christian colleague was a heavy smoker and drinker, and one day didn’t turn up for work as he had run off with another women. It would have been far better that the work colleague had made no attempt to witness to him as his life clearly did not marry up with his words, and was not a Christ like example. I could give a number of personal experiences I have had which were not God glorifying and caused me to be embarrassed. No we don’t have to be perfect before we speak, but in most instances we know when our life is not an example of our words, so better not to say anything when we are not living an example of what we are stating.

Let us live the life and not just speak a theory, as this will have an influence in our environment and can bring change. When our words marry up with our life style then people are prepared to listen and it gives credibility to what we say.

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