PA Announcements

On occasions I am the recipient of hearing announcements made over public address systems.

From a little bit of experience in producing numerous TV adverts, voice overs and have had PA systems in companies I have worked for I thought I would offer some suggestions and advice for those who may find it of assistance.

Not only the clarity, is important but also the subliminal message and feeling it leaves for the hearers is important.

There are instances of where the voice presenter has had no training in how to present or use the microphone but also reluctantly and very nervous of using the PA system. They speak to far away from the microphone reducing the volume of what can be heard, and due to nerves speaks very quickly and even virtually indistinguishable.

How should it be done.

  • Know clearly what the content of the message is you wish to state and be understood by the hearers before commencing.
  • Hold the microphone or place your mouth around four inches away from it.
  • Speak in a normal sounding conversation volume.
  • Speak clearly and a little slower than normal conversation speed.
  • Present a friendly joyful tone to your voice which leaves the ambient atmosphere pleasant

How to present content guide

  • The hearers are not going to be ready for the announcement. That is why in the old days like “Hi Di Hi” and even today it had the Bing Bong to attract attention that an announcement was forthcoming.
  • Make the initial statement to get the attention and pause for a couple of seconds.
  • Make the announcement and then repeat its content. An individual could have missed its content if there was some other ambient sound at the time or even in conversation.

Suggestions on presentation content

This is a staff announcement

This is a staff announcement (minute pause) Would John Smith please come to reception, that’s John Smith to reception. Thank you.

This is a customer announcement

This is a customer announcement (minute pause) Would the owner of the Rolls Royce TA68MAD please come to reception as soon as possible, that’s the owner of the Rolls Royce TA68MAD please come to reception as soon as possible. Thank you.

To use the presentation content as a standard gives continuity and an air of professionalism.

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