Listen for full instructions

My two year old granddaughter was helping my wife empty the dishwasher. Eager to help she caught hold of as many items as possible and stretched up to the kitchen surface to push them on until they were out of reach. Having achieved her goal she gladly took the next instruction literally when my wife asked her to put a plate into the dishwasher. She caught hold of the plate and threw it into the dishwasher and proceeded to close the door on it.

The amusing incident caused me to think, is that how we listen to God? We pray and ask Dishwasher copyfor  instructions, and having heard we rush forward and implement the instruction in our eagerness to just get on with it. We adopt the attitude that’s it lets go now we have the answer, this is it. If we were to stay a little longer and give God time and have a two way conversation we would get the full detail of how to proceed in the correct way. This way we will see the complete and full expedition of what God wants us to do. Maybe then there will be less frustration and blaming of God for getting it wrong.

Let’s load our dishwashers correctly and be fulfilled in a clean and effective process!

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