Encourage – Give a bouquet now don’t wait to give a wreath

How many times have you been in a situation where you have left employment or moved location and wonderful comments and eulogies have been said to and about you. I guess you have thought the same as myself what a shame they had to wait for me to be moving on before they expressed their feelings and emotions. If only I had known they felt like that it would have made my journey in life so much easier.

The bible says and gives an instruction in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

We need to follow God’s example and be an encourager Psalm 10:17 You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry

Romans 15:5 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus.

Often our jobs train us how to view people and situations, and that can mean being analytical and looking for the negatives to address so we can improve them and many times just focused on profitability and achievement targets. This can can cause us just to view peoples mistakes and area’s that require change and not see the positive elements.

When I was in senior area management I found that in life I had become very negative as I was constantly looking at what was wrong or could be improved. I was sent by my bosses to sort issues out and was known as the hatchet man. I took this into my own life style and did not detach it from my personal daily living. I had to change, as all I saw and had become was negative and constant nip picking and criticisising. When I began to learn that a balanced honest life style mixed with encouragement made a change in situations and also how I felt too.

Our thoughts and comments are not to be just focused on addressing what needs to be addressed and not seeing the effort and heart of individuals. It is vital that we have a wider perspective when viewing situations and recognise that addressing what is right and giving praise and encouragement is a major factor in motivating and building up people. We need to be thinking and speaking encouragement in life as well as justifiably addressing area’s that require change in a loving nurturing way.

I recall attending a very rough senior school where problem children were sent to our school. The discipline was tough and forcing learning and obedience was by the stick or similar methods. If we didn’t achieve eighteen out of twenty for our homework we would get the stick. Our geography teacher had a circle on the floor and we would be instructed to face a compass direction. If we didn’t face the right direction we received the slipper until we did. The science teacher when the class was noisy would make us all hold hands and generate a current through a magneto to give us a shock. Yes these methods were archaic and would never be permitted today. At this time I was always in the bottom quarter of the class in exam results. We then moved when I was fourteen to a new location and the regime was one of encouragement and praise along with acknowledging that that you were trying your best. My exam results dramatically changed and I became the top of my year in a couple of subjects.  What was the difference just encouragement.

You notice in sport supporters of their team cry out and encourage them. You may choose to do this for a variety of reasons, but deep down, part of you believes that this will help them in their quest to win. Now, researchers have proof that encouragement really works. It turns out that communicating a positive message can boost people’s confidence, which in turn improves performance.

According to a research experiment led by Lysann Damisch of the University of Cologne in Germany, a dexterity task that normally took more than 5 minutes was accomplished in just over 3 minutes, on average, if participants received a good positive message before they started.

Look around you in your daily life, express thanks and appreciation as you meet people. I struck up a conversation with an ambulance man the other day and found that he was a manager, when he was leaving I expressed my appreciation for the invaluable work that he does. He stopped, turned in his tracks and a beam came across his face and said “thanks”. Express encouragement to your postman, refuse collector, the children you have noticed that have been polite and well behaved.

Not only are you being obedient to the scripture quoted earlier but this will also help you to view life differently. You will feel so much more positive and even encouraged yourself.

Learn to be self-aware and listen to what you say. Be sure you make many more positive comments than negative ones.

You could even start by making a comment in a guestbook on a web page.

Go on today give a bouquet now don’t wait to give a wreath

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  1. Sue Lee says:

    I have been guilty of that, the workplace many times believes it is good management.

    It is destructive and dis empowers you.

    Again, challenging blog

    The Lord has been encouraging me to be an encourager, building people up.

    Thanks again Ian I have noted the biblical quote



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