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Instructions on how to take CBD – Time Frame

The way that CBD is metabolised by your body can interfere with how your body normally metabolises other drugs you take. This is because CBD inhibits the activity of specific liver enzymes, cytochrome P450, which are responsible for metabolising nutrients. If other drugs aren’t metabolised properly, they can hang around and stay in your system longer than you want. This can cause negative side effects and complications. Typically, a 2 hour gap is required between CBD and your prescription meds but certain drugs like: beta blockers, blood pressure tablets, anticoagulants and any other medication that carry a grapefruit warning, generally require a 4 hour gap.

On a personal note I found that even with a four gap or longer whilst CBD was greatly beneficial from a pain point of view the adverse interactions set off my Angina and Atrial Fibrillation, which is settling down after two weeks but is not back to how it was prior to taking CBD. I had initialy consulted one of the GP’s in the doctors practice who was happy for me to take CBD. My situation was exacerbated as I was not awarewhen I started taking CBD that a gap was necessary, and I was taking all my meds and CBD together. When I later spoke with My Heart Cardiologist he advised that I should not take CBD due to the interactions with the prescribed drugs I was taking. I found this comment after my enquiry on a forum useful information as an explanation.

Click on description title to access the link. 

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How to work out how many mg of CBD per dose.

Oils (oral use) In a 10ml bottle of CBD oil there are approximately 200 drops. So to find out how many mg per drop you just divide the total mg of CBD per bottle by 200. Obviously for bigger bottles you need to adjust your calculation.

Example :
500mg per 10ml (5%)
500/200 = 2.5mg per drop.

Please note some companies state the total mg of whole plant extract used to make the oil and not the total mg of CBD so you may need to ask questions or do calculations prior to the above.

Sprays (oral use) The product description should say how many mg of CBD per spray. If it doesn’t you will need to speak to the company direct as the number of sprays per bottle varies with each company/product. Paste (whole plant extract)

A dose is often described as a grain of rice size (8mm) Obviously the thickness of the grain of rice size will depend on the size of the nozzle on the syringe. On a 1g syringe you will get approximately 40 doses per 1g. On a larger syringe (3-5g) you will get approximately 25 doses.

So the general rule is: If it’s a 1g syringe you divide the total mg per 1g by 40 to get mg per dose. If it’s a larger syringe (3-5g) you divide the total mg per 1g by 25 to get mg per dose You can of course adjust the size of the grain of rice to compensate for larger syringes.

Example :
1g of 26% paste contains 260mg per 1g.
260/40 = 6.5mg per dose

This chart which shows mg per drop of CBD oil

A standard dropper produces 20 drops per milliliter but dropper sizes can differ.

It can be a bit confusing as some companies use percentages to describe the strength of the CBD oil and some use mg.  Basically 500mg CBD equates to 5%.

Dosing is a suggestion.
This chart in no way acts as a substitute for a medical profesional

CBD Calculators

* CBD Dosage Calculator CBD % to mg conversion. Good calculator for conversion ml/mg and dosage/drops
* The Roc Calculators
* The Roc Guidelines pdf
* What Dosage Of CBD is right for me?

Extract from Facebook Page on dosage and interaction.

Extract 1 We cannot ever be used as a replacement or alternative to your GP, Pharmacist or other health care professionals. It’s vital to check with them about medication, supplements and OTC medicines that use the Cytochrome P450 enzyme to metabolise as this is also the same enzyme that CBD uses. It’s our understanding that you should leave a 2 hour gap between taking them and CBD. This increases to 4 hours for anti-coagulation meds, beta blockers, medication that interacts with grapefruit, heart meds etc.

The reason for this is because CBD can stop Cytochrome P450 metabolising the pharma meds / supplements / otc medicines properly. This means that you can end up with your body not getting enough of your meds or it getting too much because they aren’t being processed through properly.

The danger here, is that you can end up with too much of the medication left in your body because it hasn’t been processed through correctly. Then when you take the next dose, you are adding more and a build up occurs that can lead to accidental overdose. Leaving the minimum 2 or 4 hour gap can help prevent this situation but again, always seek professional advice and this is one of the reasons that we recommend including your GP or other relevant health professional in treatment changes.

Extract 2 It’s most likely that CBD oil uses the same liver cytochromes that break down your heart meds, so when the CBD oil is using up these cytochromes the heart meds are floating about in your body & not being broken down in the time that it should this causes either the heart meds to work more than expected or less than expected. So can cause issues maybe even cause a proarrhythmic effect. Hope that makes sense. CBD oil stays in your system for 18-32 hours, so it would be very difficult to follow the 2-4hr rule & be safe.

My added Definition  = Proarrhythmia is a new or more frequent occurrence of pre-existing arrhythmias, paradoxically precipitated by antiarrhythmic therapy, which means it is a side effect associated with the administration of some existing antiarrhythmic drugs, as well as drugs for other indications. In other words, it is a tendency of antiarrhythmic drugs to facilitate emergence of new arrhythmias.

Extract 3 **Admin Notice**

🔷Why we do NOT recommend buying CBD from Amazon or eBay
It’s an open market – anyone can sell on these platforms, so you have no idea who you are buying from.
The sale of CBD is banned on both Amazon and eBay, so anyone selling it is breaking their rules. This may mean you will not be able to claim your money back if you are scammed.
Reviews can be faked. Profiles can be faked.
A seller can claim anything in the description of the product – it doesn’t mean it’s true.
No lab reports, so you cannot verify the potency or safety of the product.
CBD oils are easy to fake. Anyone can go out and buy a large bottle of hemp seed oil, and fill smaller pipette bottles. Labels are also easy to fake.
If the price seems too good to be true – it probably is. The biggest incentive for buying CBD on Amazon or eBay is the lower cost. But there’s a reason why they are cheap – they are fake (contain no CBD)
A number of CBD oils with good reviews were independently tested. They all contained either zero, or very little CBD.
I’m speaking from experience. When I first started taking CBD three years ago, I was scammed by an Amazon seller. I thought I carried out all the necessary checks. Both the seller and the product had excellent reviews. I even spoke to the seller and he seemed very knowledgeable. The oil was advertised as 10% CBD but what arrived was no more 1% (it was probably just hemp seed oil)

Are there genuine CBD sellers on Amazon and eBay? Probably. But it’s impossible to distinguish between them and the vast number of scammers. Why risk it when there are so many reputable CBD companies on the market?

I know cost is a big issue for most of us when buying CBD, and the reason why many people turn to Amazon and eBay. This post gives some tips on reducing the cost, but also ways to stay safe when buying CBD. https://www.ajourneythroughthefog.co.uk/2018/12/how-to-reduce-the-cost-of-buying-cbd/

Please keep yourself safe.

CBD oil stays in your system for 18-32 hours, so it would be very difficult to follow the 2-4hr rule & be safe.

Types of Oil and forum members advice

Extract from excellent forum :- 
* How to find the best CBD Oil
* CBD disappointment. Or maybe I’m not on the right one?

Extracts from forums

Isolate isn’t the most effective for pain relief. You should look into a full spectrum oil with <0.3% thc. (Ian Deakin’s Personal Comment – Not happy about taking psychoactive as thc content could be detected in drug tests thc 0.3% is illegal in the uk. Would only accept max of UK legal limit of thc 0.2% . I would steer away from any content with thc content in it.) Green roads imo is vastly overpriced too. Double the price of a quality full spectrum product.

Having the ‘full’ spectrum of cannabinoids makes a difference with the ‘entourage’ effect and that little bit of THC seems to improve things pretty drastically.

You may need a week or two to get your system really working. For pain, studies show some could need upwards of 200mg per day. Keep going, try increasing dose and give it some time, but do try a full spectrum. Worlds apart for pain in my experience.

I hope it can help you. The dose you’re taking is very little. I know it’s expensive in the UK but just to give you an idea, in studies they give patients hundreds of mg per dose. Again, to give you some perspective and sense of what you may need, In animal models they give the animals more than what you’re taking. If the dose you’re taking doesn’t work, increase it. But the dose you’ve started with is extremely low from what I can tell.

I don’t see third party lab testing on this company’s website. I wouldn’t purchase anything without third party lab tests for at least potency and residual solvents. If you can find test for pesticides, microbes and heavy metals, that’s golden, but at least the first two tests are essential to make sure what you’re taking is safe. I’ve mentioned this in my original post and can’t stress it enough.

Try the CBD community on Reddit and the UK CBD community on there: A community to discuss CBD / medical marijuana specifically for the UK. They will be able to help with brands more than I can since I’m not in the UK. There are some cheap and good companies in the USA that ship to the UK, so you might try those for better prices and more transparency and quality. I believe Full Activated is one such company but there might be others.

There are two main kinds of CBD, isolate, which is pure isolated CBD, and full spectrum, which is usually 80-90% CBD and the rest is trace amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes. You might want to give both a month long trial and see which works better for you. With you pain levels, even full blown, high THC cannabis might be a good idea unless you want to avoid the high, which affects memory too in some people. CBD has the opposite affect and can improve memory and focus. It actually counteracts THC. I hope this helps you.

Useful Resource Links

* Excellent Facebook Group – CBD Users UK
* Excellent Forum – neurotalk.org
* The Realm of Caring – The Roc
* The Realm of Caring – Facebook Page
* The Sacred Plant – thesacredplant.com

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