About Ian Deakin

A Brief Synopsis

I was born the youngest son of a Pastor and as a consequence moved around the country to several different locations and schools.

I had always had an interest in cars and started my working life as an  apprentice in the Motor Trade, acquiring my professional qualifications, and moving up to Management at a very early age, and moving  around the country with work. I was a regional manager for eleven years  responsible for five car and commercial vehicle workshops, two  bodyshops, and its 200 plus associated staff, also seventy six sub contract  repairers. I subsequently had my own successful business supplying and  installing vehicle alarms, car phones, and in-car entertainment, before  going back into car dealerships with BMW, Porsche and other various  manufactures.

After a number of years I left the Motor Trade and pursued my hobby as a  business videoing events and weddings. The business developed quickly and I moved into producing TV adverts, free lance  demonstrations for Grass Valley/Canopus at NAB Las Vegas, IBC Amsterdam  and various exhibitions in the UK. I set up a training school for  Video/TV editing from various manufactures, and also covered lighting  and audio techniques, training university, college, school, hospital,  professional, TV staff and hobbyists

I have subsequently had to retire early due to ill health and trust God  for our future. We have found Him to be faithful and He has supplied our need.

My website which has now been closed down was called  www.iandeakin.co.uk When in business I was known as  www.studiooneproductions.co.uk as Studio One Productions was the name of my business, and as it was known by many people and  search engines it therefore has been retained.  My website had thousands of visits a year and reached in excess of over 140 different countries, along with this blog achieving similar results, so I trust my observations and comments are stimulating and helpful.

I’m a Christian, but I’m not religious; in fact I’m a friend of a man called Jesus. I gave my life to Jesus Christ at a very early age and this has had a  great impact on my focus and lifestyle. Whilst having been in church  leadership for many years I strongly believe that Gods gifts to us are  to be exercised in our daily life and not just confined to church  meetings. It is a life style and not a weekend suit to put on and take  off. I have been privileged to see miracles of healings, setting free  from drug addiction, and demonisation; and Gods provision  for us over the years.

This is just a very brief synopsis of my life which has been so varied and fulfilled, to which I give God all the glory.

Be blessed,

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