I will Always Love You – Joe King

At a time in my life when circumstances were somewhat  difficult a friend of mine directed me to listen to an extract from a Prophetic  Minister Graham Cooke.

He was relating an encounter with a suicidal man in one of his meetings in England a number of years ago.

Songwriter and performer Joe King had received the Baptism and as a result his wife and friends had deserted him. He became very despondent,  heartbroken, and suicidal.

Graham prophesied over him with no response and three days  later as prophesied, the Lord visited him in the middle of the night and sang  this song to him.

Afterward, he went down to his piano and wrote the words and music to the Lord’s song.

I found this song to be a ministry into my spirit from the  throne room of heaven, and continues to be something more that just another  song. Be blessed, encouraged and ministered to as you listen.

The link is Graham Cook giving testimony and also the song is sung, however the audio is not the best quality. You can listen to the song only and purchase on the link below.


I loved you long before you met me
And then you gave your life to me
But should one day you turn and walk away

I will always love you
I will always love you
I will always love you
Yes I will, I always will

My love will never cease towards you
But should I have a change of heart
It is because my heart has ceased to beat

When all around you seems in darkness
When you have plumbed right to the depths
No pit is so deep I’m not deeper still

And when the day has almost ended
When evening comes and walls you in
When there is no one else to comfort you

Here are my arms for you to cling to
Here are my wounds where you can hide
Here are the tears that I have cried for you

My love is constant as the sunrise
As changeless as the stars of night

My child, as sure as the returning tide
If you don’t know Jesus personally you may not have understood  what this song is about. It is relevant to everyone as it is about the deep love  that Jesus has for us. To learn more Contact me to ask  questions.
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